Friday, January 23, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Songs That Changed My Life

This is the most difficult 5 Fandom Friday yet. There are so many songs that mean something to me. I could literally come up with 100 or more. To narrow it down has been so hard. I know that after I post this I will want to change it again and again.
Thanks to The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick for their brilliant 5 Fandom ideas.

  1. Garbage- #1 Crush  

I choose this song to represent my grunge and later britpop stage. Still in the britpop to be honest. The music during the 90's grunge was the first music that I liked that my parents didn't listen to. Of course being in Oklahoma I was late to the scene. By the time I started listening to this music, grunge was dying. I had a cassette tape of Garbage's Version 2.0 that I wore out and bought a CD version of it as my first CD. I miss this phase in my life. I tried so hard to be alternative in my blue and pink flannel. 

2. The Monkees- Daydream Believer

I was obsessed with The Monkees when I was little. I have even written a blog post about my love for them . Davy was my favorite. This music and similar songs remind my of my pretty good and naive childhood. I guess I listened to a lot of 60's and 70's music as a kid. Then I went grunge...

3.Placebo- Taste in Men
My favorite band PLACEBO. I have always loved David Bowie since I can remember. This lead me to watch Velvet Goldmine. The members of Placebo had a small role in this film as part of a glam rock band. They covered 20th Century Boy in the movie. I loved it and went on youtube and watched every video and fell madly in love. I ordered all their CDs and listened to them one a month so I could relish them individually.
I discovered Placebo at a point in my life that I was feeling lost, angry and alone. This music spoke to me. It could make me happy or help me vent out my frustrations.
I choose Taste in Men because Brian Molko is so sexy in this music video : )

4. I Cain't Say No- from Oklahoma

I am a theatre girl from Oklahoma. This song has to be on my list. For years my small town had an outdoor theatre just a few miles away that performed Oklahoma and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers every summer. Discoveryland! This theatre closed down a few years ago when the owner or his wife died. It used to be a big draw in the 70's and 80's. People came for all over the world. I went almost every summer as a kid. I knew all the songs. After the show you could go up on stage and meet the cast, have them sign your program or get pictures. 
I regret that I never got to perform there. Not even an audition : (

5. Romeo and Juliet Suite- Nino Rota

I think my mom still regrets my having ever watched this movie. She was annoyed by whatever cartoon I was watching and changed the channel to this. My introduction to Shakespeare and acting. Being six or seven I didn't really understand what they were saying but I was mesmerized by it all. My parents bought me one of the Shakespeare books that "translate" the lines on the opposite page. The first play I ever memorized. I knew all of Juliet's lines.
My descent into acting began. She should have just let me watch Tiny Toons.


  1. 1st off Tiny Toons, all the yes!

    My friend Joie from Confessions of a Book Pimp, told me about Velvet Goldmine and I watched some of it...I need to try again, for Jonathan Reyes Meyers and Ewan McGregor!

    I'm a huge musical fan, but have yet to see either of those...I better get on it! And lastly LOVE the Shakespeare! xx

    1. Yes, try Velvet Goldmine again. The soundtrack alone is amazing. Plus Obi Wan has a fling with Batman ; )

  2. A rose will bloom, but then will fade. So does a youth, so does the fairest maid:) Loved that film too!

  3. I am now going to have Daydream Believer stuck in my head!

  4. Oh good! I thought I'd be the only one with musical theatre numbers on my list!

  5. Aaah I felt so bad leaving Placebo out of my list! I just couldn't think of what to write/say, but I adooooore them to the moon and back again. Have I told you that I got to meet them once? I fangirled in the dorkiest way in front of Brian Molko, but he was so nice about it ;)

    And I loved Velvet Goldmine. The costumes were also amazing.


    1. Trying to limit this list to 5 was so difficult. I left out many bands and songs I love.
      I'm sure you went the "dorkiest" in from of Molko : )

  6. I love Garbage! #1 Crush was on repeat for the longest time! Also, I need to watch velvet Goldmine. It's been on my list for a while. I hope it's on netflix.

    1. It's on Netflix! You should watch it. The soundtrack alone is amazing : )


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