Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kristy 1993-2014

My baby girl died yesterday.
Kristy was more than a cat to me and my family. She has been with us for 21 years. Full of personality and sass. My heart is broken. I cannot explain how much this is killing me. Some people will just write off the death of an animal as nothing, I am not one of those people. Kristy is family.

She hated when I took her picture
Up until the very end I had hope that she would rally. Sometimes she would get sick and not eat for a few day and then be perfectly fine. Back to her normal spry and wild self. She didn't get better this time.

I keep trying to be grateful for the time I had with her. I was by her side as she passed away. Bawling and begging her to stay. At the very end as she was going all i could do was put my hand on her paw and say I love you over and over. Hoping that she would understand that she wasn't alone and that she means the world to me.

Asleep on my bed a few years ago
21 years is a long time to be with anyone feline or human. I have lost my only true friend and companion. This hurts so much. I can barely type this. Everything in this house reminds me of her. It is so hard to carry on with the normal pointless things I do everyday when all I can think about is her little face. Those big green eyes. She is my profile picture on almost all of my social media pages; twitter, blogger, tumblr. Her memory is everywhere.

Everything belong to her royal highness
Some people will judge me, let them. I loved her with all my heart and I will not regret it or try and justify it to anyone. Love is love. Since my birthday, 21 years ago, when I came home from school to find this beautiful black kitten asleep on my bed with a red bow on her head she has been mine and I have been hers. I feel like I lost a part of myself as she laid there dying. The best part of me.

I am taking a break from the blog and social media until the first of October. I had planned on a lot of Halloweens posts in October. I will try and still do that. My mom thinks that it will be a way to get through this, but until then I need to mourn. 

Kristy ~ Christopher Robin ~ Kriss Kriss ~ Her Highness

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Blogger Confessions

The Nerdy Girlie wrote a fun and interesting blog about her blogger confessions and invited other bloggers to link in with their own confessions.

Here goes mine:

1) I Lack Tech Skills: I am not tech savvy which is why my blog layout looks like a failed xanga. I keep toying with it but it just doesn't seem to work out. I read so many other blogs that have a professional and polished look that makes me rather embarrassed of my own blog.

2) Not a Selfie Girl: I do not have any pictures of myself because I am usually the person taking pictures. I don't take selfies because I feel ridiculous doing so. Some people can take great pictures of themselves. Not me. Which is why my cat Kristy is usually my profile pictures. She's so glamorous. 

3) Look at Me!: I don't really promote my blog. I know I should but other than tweeting I really don't know where to begin.

4) I Don't Know What I'm Doing: Most of them time I am unsure of what I am doing when it comes to blogging. Between the tech side and the social side its a bit like wading into uncertain waters. 

5) Why I Blog: I started blogging in direct result of one of the worst years of my life. It started with the loss of a close family member and it never got better. I started watching a lot of youtube vloggers as a distraction. At first I wanted to vlog but youtube can be a cruel place. That's when I started to write this blog. My goal was force myself out of my head. To use a blog as a means of coming up with projects, discussing the things I love and interacting with a different group of people. In doing so I have joined a female geek blogger group and IGGPPC and met some really great people through social media.

Those are my Blogger Confessions. Whew! Thanks to The Nerdy Girlie for starting coming up with this.  

Friday, September 12, 2014

A Rough Week for Kristy and me

My cat Kristy is 21 years old.
 Aside from a few white hairs she really has not changed physically since she was young. Mentally we have has some problems. I think she has some dementia. She has always been skinny but she eats well and is rather spry.

The week has been a difficult one. It appears my little girl has arthritis. For awhile she has not been steady on her feet but I just thought the newer flooring was too slick for her. Then Sunday she was wobbling around like her back legs were not working. Monday she was dragging herself around. 
The vet was called and he gave us some joint gel.

Today it is Friday and she is walking on all of her legs again. Not as sure footed as I would like but so much better than I thought she could be after the beginning of the week.
She still cannot jump up on anything and for Miss Kris that is the most horrible thing in the world. She has always had this need to be slightly higher than everyone in a room. Lucky for her my futon is so low to the ground she can just step up into it.

Truthfully I am so tired. I am beyond happy that she is getting better but it has been a very long week. Normally Kristy and Julie have their own backroom fitted up for them to stay in most of the time. It was my grandpa's room when he lived here. I had to move them in there when Kristy started using the bathroom in random places throughout the house; laundry baskets, chairs, tables, the middle of the living room floor.

So this entire week I have wanted her close and to make sure she has everything she needs. This meant that she has been in the main house and peeing wherever she pleases. I am constantly following her around cleaning up after her.
And when she is not searching for an inconvenient potty place she has been on me.
She seems to want to sprawl out on me when I am in the most uncomfortable position. I cannot count how many times my legs have gone numb this week. 

Also my precious and spoiled girl is getting all sorts of specialties. Her medicine is given to her on sliced turkey. And since the vet said to give her anything she is willing to eat, I am baking chicken tenders nightly. I cut them up into tiny shredded pieces so she doesn't have too much work to eat.
Whereas pizza rolls are my go to dinner this week.

Kristy has been a major part of my life for so very long. Its a trial sometimes but that's love. I have loved her since the birthday that brought her to me. 
She is one tough girl and together we ill get through this.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Birthday or A Quest for Candy

My birthday was Monday.
 Sunday I made my birthday cake, Hunger Games' Mockingjay cake. Things went wrong, really wrong.
I have come to the conclusion that I am not good at baking cakes. I can make and decorate cookies like pro, but cakes, not so much.
I managed to burn half of one cake and had the rest stick to the pan. After making another set of cakes I was just so happy they came out of the pans and were not blackened and hard. 
Then came my really foolish mistake: Marshmallow Fondant.
I found a recipe and thought it would be a great idea. In fact I based the whole decorations of my cake on the use of this fondant that I had never made before. 
Let's just say everything that could go wrong did. 
So in a pre b-day meltdown I had to revamp my design. I ended up getting some yellow melting chocolate and piping the mockingjay design on some parchment paper and coloring some butter cream frosting, charcoal and red.
By the end of the night, and three batches of dirty dishes, this is what I came up with.

On my actually birthday I went out with my mom, we wanted to go out to eat and go shopping. Of course it was face meltingly hot. This would not be so bad if we did not have to drive over an hour to get to this one store she had been wanting to go to. Plus mom does not like to use the a/c, WTF? At least I got a bean bag chair from that store I had my eye on. More about that later.
A quick Barnes and Noble hit to pick up some Funko Mystery minis and Starr Fluxx game. I ended up getting my first duplicate mini, two Heath Ledger Jokers. I think I'll end up giving one away, maybe for Halloween. Unfortunately the 1960's Robin Pop I have been wanting was not there. 
We went to the mall and hit the main candy stores. See's and Lolli and Pops. I just wanted some different candy. I grabbed some British candy, Harry Potter and a Japanese Popin' Cooking kit. I have no idea what this is really, but it will be fun to try it out.

Lolli and Pops also had these Yowie chocolates with toys inside. My toys are Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat and Caracal. I know Kindle eggs have been illegal in the States for a long time. Perhaps they are going to lift the ban. I really do not see how someone could choke on these. In fact I had  a hard time opening the plastic shell that housed the toys. I understand taking the Disney Wonderballs off the market, they toys and later candy were just in there with out anything between the toys and the chocolate.
Anyway I was pretty happy to see these Yowies out in the wild.
Also on a side note, I have never felt older than I did when going into Hot Topic. Two preteens were blocking the Attack on Titan table, it was hot and sticky, just no fun. So I ordered my geeky wants from the website later that night
Since I was in a "must have sweets" mood, Cheesecake Factory! Followed by a light and healthy lunch at Panera where I ended up getting a giant cinnamon roll for my free birthday reward.
And now for the bean bag chair story. This is Kristy. She is my 21 year old cat. She was actually my birthday present when I was a child, although its hard to think of a living animal as a present, she more or less joined the family on my birthday.
As soon as she saw my brand new bean bag chair she made herself at home. After a awhile she got out of it walked around then jumped back in it where she proceeded to pee. Yes, Pee.
"Happy Birthday, I piss on you!"

So that was my birthday : )

Faux Foodie- Eton Mess

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