Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Night out in T-Town to see Depeche Mode

I was very lucky and my former boss managed to score me a pair of tickets to see Depeche Mode at the Tulsa BOK center. So of course I made it a full night out with one of my best friends, SCB. 
We started the evening with dinner at Joe Momma's. I went to the old Joe Momma's years ago before the fire. This is the new version that just opened this year I think. I was a fool though, I ordered a Buffalo Chicken pizza. I like buffalo chicken wings, but I always go with the mildest sauce. This pizza was not mild. I also had my first ever cider drink...two actually because the pizza was so spicy that I downed them both. 

Apparently cider is stronger than beer, which I only found out after I was a bit drunk. After eating and my drinking we walked to the BOK center and stopped by MixCo to grab one last pre-show drink.
The drink was called "Basic Bitch," basic bitch pics were taken.

The only other time I have been to the BOK center was for a MUSE concert a few years ago. The 2nd Law tour. MUSE is the best live band I have ever seen and I have been lucky to see them twice now.

Onto Depeche Mode
I know a few Depeche Mode songs. The big radio hits. But this band has been around for decades so I really wanted to see them. While I may not have known that many of the songs they played, it was a good show. The front man, Dave Gahan, is mesmerizing. His dancing and on stage persona is like Mick Jagger, but without the smugness and duck lip strutting. 
I did manage to film the first song of their set. Not the greatest video, as we were seated to the side, but you can still see his dance moves. 

Some times I get to go out and do things with people I care about and have fun with and I realize that I am pretty lucky. Yes there is some crap in my life, but wandering through the streets of Tulsa with one of my best friends after a show and the full moon above us, things just seem good.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Friends, Pie, and Swords

Friends are few and far between....
It has felt like that for so many months. Yet, in the last few weeks, when I needed friends the most, they appear.
People I have known most of my life start texting and messaging me. Anything from random conversations, memes, to wise words. People who I have only met a few times have sent me messages of encouragement or invitations to come out and play. And the friends who I love best have just been there.
This weekend has especially been fun and I really needed to get out of my head.
Pie, Mayfest, Blue Dome, and more Food
Tulsa's Art Deco is beautiful
I have lived less than half an hour from downtown Tulsa my entire life and I have never made it to Mayfest and the Blue Dome festival.
Finally this has been accomplished.
I met up with one of my best friends, S.C.B. (Not going to put her real name here just in case), for pie night at Antoinette's in the Brady Arts district. This has become a thing for us. Pie and talking about the craziness of our lives.
I wish I had pics of the pies. The Mile High Chocolate pie is AMAZING. I need to go to their cake night sometime soon. This place is a must for dessert lovers.
Then we wandered through Mayfest and the Blue Dome festival. At one point we walked away from each other and took some "pretentious selfies" near an art installation. Once we realized we had both done the exact same thing, it just reaffirmed my love for this girl. Sometimes you just have to have fun and be a basic bitch. Although I came to the conclusion that we need one of those arty friends that always take cool pictures of their friends.    

We ended our outing at this restaurant in the Brady Distinct called Lotus. A mutual friend of ours has been raving about it on social media and the food always looks so good. Gotta say the Drop sandwich was worth the hype. I'm not a big eater when I go out, but I scarfed that down! 
So of course I had to text our friend to agree with her on her reviews. 
Which led to Saturday's adventure...
Stage Combat Workshop

Our friend managed to talk me into attending this Stage Combat workshop at Woodward Park. It was an all day event and I thought I had cleared my schedule only to learn at the lunch break I had to leave. Probably for the best in retrospect since I am still in pain. 
Also Oklahoma weather is insane. We started at 8 AM. It was either brutally hot or raining. 
Nothing like hearing thunder when you are standing in the middle of a park holding a sword. Essentially, a group of moving lightning rods.
It was intense but fun. I mean, I got to play with a sword!

Let me just take a moment to brag about the theatre company that put this workshop together.
Theatre Pops (click the link to go to their page) is a local community theatre group that I have had the privilege to work with both as an actor and as stage crew. I have seen many of their shows as well.
This is a company that is bringing innovation to Tulsa's theatre scene. They do not shy away from different types of plays, yet they don't do it just to push boundaries. They also try to offer opportunities like this workshop for the actors of Tulsa. 
Keep an eye out for Theatre Pops productions. This is a company that loves theatre and you can see the passion of the cast and crew on stage.

Oh and I graduated from OU! 
I have mentioned this in my last post, but I got this package sent to me with graduation things. Getting the degree holder and seeing my name in the program finally makes it feel real.
It has been a tough two years. And I am struggling to figure out my next steps while also repairing other things that I screwed up along the way.
But at this moment, with the support of those few wonderful people who are in my life, I am optimistic.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Cusp of Change

For the past two years, I have been in college mode. Now it is over. What do I do? 
I haven't written a blog post in over a year. Right now I am debating if I want to star this again. Most of the bloggers and readers I knew before have gone on to do their own things as well. So do I pick up where I left off, do I re-brand and start over, or do I just let this die a natural online death?
At this moment I am going to use it.
This blog was always a way of taking my focus from the mundane or the general crap of my life. 
Today I will use it to clear my mind.

I have finished school (at least unless I eventually decide to get a Masters).
Two years of non-stop work. So many essays, peer-reviewed articles, video lectures... and now it is over. 
And it is bloody anticlimactic.
I don't know what I was expecting. I didn't go to graduation and maybe that is a part of this feeling of discontent.
But I just feel let down and lost.

There is also the feeling of fear and dread coursing through my veins. I have some major life decisions I will have to make soon. I am on the cusp of change and I hate it.
Some people would look at this as an adventure or the natural progression of life.
These people are not fuck-ups like me.
Really, I cannot think of one major life decision that I have made that did not impact me negatively. My track record is bad...very bad.
Yet, choices will have to be made. My only hope is that once I realize how badly I mess up, I'll be able to fix things to a tolerable level. 

And now for this blog.
I loved that I used this blog as a reason to bake or cook interesting things. I like that it gave me a place to discuss books, TV, and films.
So perhaps until I know for certain what I want to do (revamp it maybe, or start over), I'll try posting again once a week.
Everyone needs a creative outlet 

Faux Foodie- Eton Mess

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