Friday, April 29, 2016

5 Fandom Friday- Fandoms You Hold Dear But No One Knows Of

5 Fandom Friday Time!
This week's prompt from The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick is "Fandoms you hold dear but no one knows of".

1. Pushing Daisies

I have mentioned this lovely show on my blog many times. I absolutely loved this show and was gutted when it ended. Outside of my social media geeky friends no one knows this show. I have this on DVD and have tried to convince people to watch it but they just never seem interested. It is a shame. Even with only two seasons this show made such an unique impact on a few people.

2. The Vampire Chronicles
I remember sneaking a copy of Interview with the Vampire to read when I was younger because my mom thought I was too young to read these books. These books are the reason I could never get into the whole Twilight craze. Trying to read about sparkly morose vampires just didn't compare the the Rock Star Lestat. Since Twilight became so popular many other Vampire novels started to overwhelm books stores and Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles seem to have been forgotten. 

3. My Favorite Bands
It seems that some of my all time favorite bands are just not well known. Or in some cases people just assumed they they are no longer a band. 
For example my all time favorite band Placebo have been a band now for 20 years. Yet if I mention them people either think they broke up years ago or they have no clue who I'm talking about.
Other bands like IAMX seem to only have an underground following. People that know of The Sneaker Pimps may not even know this band exists.
Also I am still obsessed with Garbage's Shirley Manson. She is my icon. 

4. Terry Prachett
I cannot remember how I discovered Terry Prachett's books, but I adore his DiscWorld novels. Unfortunately I really don't know that many people IRL that have read his books. I do have one close friend that I know read Good Omens because she named her kid after a character in it. But I think she is more of a Neil Gaiman fan.

5. Beetlejuice the Cartoon
They cartoon Beetlejuice represents all that was wonderful in my childhood. It may have also contributed to my goth phase because I wanted to be Lydia Deetz. Somehow this glorious cartoon has been forgotten. I will make it my mission to show my "nieces" this and so many other kid shows from my childhood. Tiny Toon Adventures, Eureka's Castle, Alice in Wonderland, Roundhouse, Ren & Stimpy.... I had a great TV viewing experience as a kid.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April Wrap Up

It has been a hectic month. Things have not been fantastic but there are a few things that made my month pretty happy.

Star Wars
I finally got to watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Thank you Tulsa Library.
I absolutely loved this film and I am a little upset that I did not get to see this in theaters.
But even watching it at home it was pretty fantastic. Unlike the prequels I am really looking forward to all of these. 

My Goodreads "to read" list was getting impressively long and I wanted to find a way to resolve that. I have seen these really cute "To Be Read" jars on different social media. I didn't have a jar so a TBR Box it is. I have about 150 books to choose from in there.
If you have never heard of these let me explain. You write down the names of the books you want to read on slips of paper and put them all in your TBR jar (or box) and choose one at random. It's like a reading lottery.

Awhile back I find this movie from the 70's called Sooner or Later. It stars Rex Smith (Pirates of Penzance) and it is so cringe-worthy but I love it. I found out it was based on a book and my local used book stored managed to get it for me.
I don't know why I love this but I do.  

Well that is it for April. Luckily May is Captain America- Civil War month. I am so excited and at the same time trying to avoid spoilers online is a challenge. I plan on writing a few posts next month focus on CA-CW. So happy.
Stucky forever 

Friday, April 22, 2016

5 Fandom Friday- Nerdy Hobbies People Don't Consider Nerdy

It is 5 Fandom Friday time thanks to The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick . This week is "Nerdy Hobbies People Don't Consider Nerdy". Oddly I found this difficult to figure out. I feel like any hobby could easily be turned nerdy. 

For at least the past 5 years every birthday I have had has been Nerdy. A Tardis, Harley Quinn, Logan's Run and Hunger Games.
It is so easy to look for recipes from your favorite books, such as Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, and actually come up with full menus.
We have come a long way Julia Childs.

2. Quilting
I make baby quilts for friends and family. I do not enjoy this mainly because I haven't a clue what I am doing. My Great-Aunt Nina used to make all the quilts for my family and then her daughter took over. Somehow now I am the quilt maker.
But if you take a look around on Pinterest or some Geeky Crafting blogs you will find that some people are using quilts as a medium for all things geeky. I have seen Doctor Who quilts and my favorites, the pixel quilts featuring old school game characters like Mario and Link.

3. Nail Art
Most people think of nail art as just a way of making beautiful designs on your nails.
This is true but you can also make beautiful geeky designs as well. Again check out Pinterest for some fantastic nerdy designs.
You can easily play around with these. I have made Mighty Boosh nails and Avengers nails. Not an expensive hobby either. Most of the time you can get some good nail polish for a dollar.

4. Knitting and Crochet
I don't knit or crochet but there are lots of geeks out there that do. Who else would crocheted Amigurumi. Only true nerds would spends so much time on this adorable and detail little figures.

5. Cross-Stitch
Take a look at Sublime Stitching's website. Cross-stitching isn't just for Jane Austen heroines anymore. More and more geektastic patterns are popping up on etsy.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Literary Fixation- Good Omens

There are some books that deserve to be read over and over again throughout the years.
Good Omens by Terry Prachett and Neil Gaiman is one such book.
I love Terry Prachett's Discworld books (DEATH is oddly enough my favorite character) but I am not a big fan of Gaiman's books. Yet this book that they wrote together is a favorite of mine and one that I often suggest to others to read.

I am going to try and describe this book without any spoilers.
Essentially it is about the end of the world and the people involved. There are quite a few story lines that that are on a crash course towards each other.
It would be difficult to pick out the main characters because there are so many and each one contributes to the whole by the end. Prachett and Gaiman created vibrant and fun characters that you root for as they maneuver through this novel.
So how about a brief run down on some of the characters involved-

  • Aziraphale- An Angel and a avid book collector. BFF with Crowley. Doesn't want the world to end. 
  • Crowley- Demon. Bit on the outs with the other Demons from Hell. Quite enjoys earth and wants to remain up here. BFF with Aziraphale.
  • Adam Young- The Anti-Christ. The fate of the world hangs on this young boy and his friends, the THEM.
  • The THEM- A small gang of kids in the idyllic town of Tadfield. These three, Pepper, Brian and Wensleydale, have no idea that their friend and leader might be the cause of the end of all humanity. But hey, they are just kids.
  • Agnes Nutter- A Witch from centuries ago who happened to be the best at seeing the future. She isn't actually in the book, her book of prophecies and her descent Anathema play a part. But she did know everything that was going to happen. And yes, everything.
  • Anathema Device- The last descendant of Agnes Nutter. She uses Agnes' book like a guide to the end up the world. That is until she loses it.
  • Newton Pulsifer- The descent to the man that burned Agnes Nutter at the stake. He and Anathema are destined to meet.
  • The Four Riders of the Apocalypse- War, Famine, Pollution and DEATH. They kind of have to be a part of it. BTW I love how Terry Prachett makes the character DEATH likable even though he is DEATH.

These are just some of the characters driving this delightful plot.
You might think a book about Armageddon would be all terror and hopelessness. Nope.
The truth is that this is one of the most hopeful and endearing books I have read. It has its comedic elements but it has real heart.
Every time I come to the end of this book it brings me to tears. Not out of sadness but because it ends so beautifully.
It is so difficult to explain how wonderful this book is. If you are looking for a feel good novel, this is it!
What I love is that in the end Adam is just a boy with his dog and friends. A perfect balance of good and evil...a perfect human.

Friday, April 15, 2016

5 Fandom Friday- Fandoms You Love But Didn't Think You Would

This week's 5 Fandom Friday from The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick is "Fandoms You Love But Didn't Think You Would". 

1. Marvel
This one may come as a shock for anyone who follows me here or on other social media. I really didn't get into the whole Marvel Universe until after The Avengers started playing on HBO or Starz or something like that. I really liked it and started going through the previous films (still do not care for the Iron Man films because I just don't like Gwyneth Paltrow). 
By the time Captain America: Winter Soldier came out I was a full fledged Marvel fan. 

One of my first fandoms was one that I overlooked for years. I think I mistook it for a military show instead of a sci-fi show. Luckily I am a James Spader fan and one day watched the original film. Then I realized I was missing out. I managed to slowly buy all the DVDs and catch up to the series. In fact I wore camo capris to my first Trek Expo. This was before I even knew about cosplay.

3. Outlander
I had the first book given to me but I never read it. I had it on my book shelf for years before I eventual traded it in to a used book store. Cut to many years later and the Starz series comes out. Well hello Jamie Fraser!
After seeing the first series I went out and bought the books.
I love that is it part historical fiction and science-fiction. Also having a strong female lead, like Claire, is something I really like in series. The whole damsel in distress is so overdone.
Unfortunately I had to discontinue Starz and HBO this year and I will not get to see the new season anytime soon. I am on Jamie withdrawal.  

4. Downton Abbey
I am still not certain how I managed to miss the first few seasons of Downton Abbey. I watch PBS fairly regularly. It seems like the rest of the world was talking about this show but I never watched it.
I eventually rectified this mistake and managed to enjoy all the majestic glory that is Maggie Smith with the rest of the world.

5. Game of Thrones 
I never read the books. I had no idea what this show was about. But the build up was so big and everyone was talking about it so I thought I would watch an episode or two and see what all the fuss was about.
By the end of the first season I was hooked. Now I consider Arya my spirit animal.
Again I won't get to watch this season because I don't have HBO right now. Excuse me while I go and cry.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Game of Thrones: In Memoriam Season 5

Valar Morghulis: All Men Must Die
The only certainty in any episode of Game of Thrones is that someone will die. Be they a central character or a nameless unknown anyone seems to be on the chopping block...literally for some.
Season six will start later this month so here is a list of the deaths from last season to get you caught up for the upcoming season.
Still upset that I am going to miss out on this upcoming season since I canceled HBO and Starz this year. What have I done?!

Red- Important Deaths
Blue- Less Important Deaths
Green- Just your average deaths in GOT and/or large groups of unnamed slaughtered. 
This will be long since I do not want to break it into two parts like I did last year.
501- The Wars to Come
  • White Rat- One on Dany's Unsullied. Assassinated by one of the Sons of Harpy. Introducing them as a threat to Dany and her allies.
  • Mance Rayder- Nearly burnt at the stake by Stannis and the Red Woman. Killed by Jon Snow with an arrow out of mercy.

502- The House of Black and White
  • Littler Finger's Guards- Killed by Brienne when she tries to get to Sansa Stark
  • A Son of Harpy- A captured Son of Harpy assassinated against Dany's order by Mossador.
  • Mossador- Publicly executed for killing the imprisoned Son of Harpy leading to public outrage towards Dany.
  • Unknown Dwarf- Killed off screen. His head is offered to Cersei since she has offered a reward for her brother's head (Tyrion).

503- High Sparrow
  • Lord Janos Slynt- Executed by Jon Snow for disobeying a command. 
  • Unnamed Man- The first person Arya witnesses coming to the House of Black and White to die. He is given water from the fountain by Jaqen H'ghar.

504- Sons of Harpy
  • Unnamed costumer- A man at Little Finger's brothel apparently killed by the Faith Militant.
  • Dornish Soldiers- Killed by Bronn and Jamie. They take their clothing and continue to go find Jamie's "niece" Myrcella.
  • Ship Captain- Was the captain of the ship that Bronn and Jamie took to Dorne. He was buried up to his neck by the Sand Snakes while they interrogated him. Finished off with a spear by Obara.
  • Random Meereen citizens- Killed by the Sons of Harpy
  • Unknown number of Sons of Harpy and Unsullied- Alley battle between Dany's Unsullied and the Sons of Harpy
  • Ser Barristan Selmy- Dany's ally and adviser killed in the fight between the Sons of Harpy and the Unsullied.

505- Kill the Boy
  • Head of a Great Family of Meereen- I didn't catch a name if he had one. Killed in front of other leaders of great families of Meereen. Burned and eaten by two of Dany's dragons
  • Stone men- A number of Stone men killed by Jorah and Tyrion when they are attacked on a boat near Old Valyria.

506- Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
  • Ghita- Dying girl brought to the House of Black and White. Arya is the one to give her the "death water" after making up a story about her life.

507- The Gift
  • Maester Aemon- Died of old age at Castle Black. He has Sam by his side. Jon Snow loses one of his best allies.
  • Old Woman- The unnamed old woman who offered to help Sansa if she put a candle in the window of the broken tower. This information was given to Ramsey by Reek. Ramsey had her flayed alive and then took Sansa to see. 
  • Random Fighters- After Jorah and Tyrion are taken prisoner they are sold to be put into the Fighting Pit. Jorah kills many other fighters in the pit for a chance to address Dany.

508- Hardhome
  • Lord of Bones- Had to look this one's name up. Beaten to death by fellow wildling, Tormund for insulting him by insinuating that Tormund and Jon are lovers.
  • Lobada of Thenns- Killed by the badass White Walker while helping Jon Snow try to find the Dragon Glass.
  • Badass White Walker- Killed by Jon Snow and the sword given to him by Mormont. Turns out Valyrian Steel works like dragon glass too.
  • Karsi- I had such high hopes for her. Mauled to death by a pack of wight children.
  • Unknown Wildlings- During the battle of Hardhome MANY wildlings did not survive. But they do rise again as wights in the White Walkers' Undead Army.

509- The Dance of Dragons
  • Another random House of Black and White death- I don't think they even have names anymore
  • Shireen- Daughter of Stannis. Burned alive by the Red Woman as a sacrifice so that Stannis may win against the Boltons
  • More Fighters- Unknown fighters in the Pit fight to the death as Dany and Tyrion have to watch.
  • Son of Harpy- Killed by a spear from Jorah from the fighting pit. He was attempting to assassinate Dany.
  • Citizens of Meereen- Killed by the Sons of Harpy while they are in attendance at the fighting pits.
  • A Son of Harpy assassin- Killed by Tyrion when he goes and protects Missandei. This gives Tyrion a chance to be seem as more than just a drunken royal on the run.
  • Hizdahr zo Loraq- Dany's betrothed. Killed by Sons of Harpy while trying to get out of the arena with the others.
  • Unknown Sons of Harpy- Killed by Dany's allies, unsullied and of course her dragon Drogon
510- Mother's Mercy
  • Selyse Baratheon- Hangs herself after watching her daughter, Shireen, sacrificed.
  • Stannis' Army- Even though Stannis sacrifice his only child for victory, it didn't work out. Bolton's army destroyed Stannis'. Of course some Bolton men died too.
  • Stannis Baratheon- After all his efforts to gain the crown he is executed after the battle by Brienne in revenge for the murder of his brother Renly.
  • Myranda- Ramsay Bolton's equally sadistic mistress is thrown off a tower by Theon Greyjoy because she threatens Sansa Stark with a bow and arrow. Finally Theon regains some dignity.
  • Ser Meryn Trant- The cruelest member of the King's Guard. Murdered by Arya Stark in revenge for killing her "Dancing Master" Syrio Forel. This man has been on Arya murder list since the beginning.
  • *(Jaqen, the Waif or Arya) The final scene in the house of Black and White is pretty confusing. Any of these three may be dead or not. 
  • Myrcella Baratheon- Cersei and Jamie's daughter. Poisoned by a kiss from Ellaria to avenge her lover's, Oberyn Martell, death.
  • *Jon Snow- Killed by his fellow members of the Night's Watch as a traitor for wanting to team up with the Wildlings. (The Red Woman is at the Black Castle so his death may not be permanent)   

Friday, April 8, 2016

5 Fandom Friday- Fandom Guilty Pleasures

The week's 5 Fandom Friday prompt is "Fandom Guilty Pleasures". I wasn't entirely sure how to go about this. So I hope this is what The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick are talking about.

1. Campy Films
Some of my all time favorite films are of the campy variety. Some have throughout the years attained a cult status like The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Clue. Others have flown beneath the radar and people have no clue what I am talking about like Logan's Run and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. A good number of my guilty pleasure films are from the 80's such as Casual Sex?, Blue Lagoon and Krull.

2. Xena
In Junior High and perhaps into High School I was a huge Xena fan. I could even produce a pretty good warrior cry. This may have been one of the first fandoms I talked opening to people about. I know this because I have Xena birthday cards from family members and someone even bought me the soundtrack.
I have recently re-watched this on Netflix and I can't believe how obsessed I was with this show. I cringed throughout the entire series. Also, how many freakin' characters does Karl Urban play in this show? 5 or 6?!

3. Geeky Tees 
Most of the clothes that I own are actually nerdy graphic tees. For awhile I was pretty much getting one or two a month from different sites. My current favorite tee a day site is Teevillain because the quality of the tees are great. I have stopped myself from getting anymore lately because I am too poor and need a few "grown up outfits" but then TeeVillain will have a grab bag sell and I am sucked in again.

4. Movie Scores
I'm not only meaning the soundtracks that have actually song by bands. Although I have a few of those too. I don't think of those as a guilty pleasure. I'm meaning the orchestral ones. I blame this on being in band for years. There are just some film scores that give me the feels. Let's be honest, who hasn't heard the first notes of any Harry Potter film and known instantly that a Harry Potter film is playing.
I actually have quite a few favorite composers, like Jerry Goldsmith, Nino Rota, Murray Gold and Ernest Gold.

5. Musicals
I have a lot of musicals that I completely obsess over and people think I am a little weird. Currently in love with the musical Heathers. It takes everything from the 80's films and somehow makes it better. I like the character development more in the musical. 
Other musicals that I desperately love: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Titanic, Spring Awakening, Mamma Mia (not the movie version) Rent....well you kind of get it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Netflix Picks- April 2016

This is a newer kind of post for me.
Each month I will try and pick a few movies and/or TV shows that are currently on Netflix that I think some of you may like.
Since this is Netflix I can only guarantee that at the time this post is published that these films are still available for the US streaming Netflix. Netflix is known for having mass expiration at the middle and end of each month.

That being said here are a few films that I really enjoy. After this month I may try and make these monthly posts a bit more themed.

1. Velvet Goldmine
This film is mainly about Glam Rocker, Brian Slade (played by The Tutor's Jonathan Rhys Meyers). The story follows a report in the 80's researching Brian Slade's 70's career. The reporter is played by a very young Christian Bale, whose character was a fan of the glam rocker. Also Ewan McGregor plays an Iggy Pop like character who has a relationship with Brian Slade
The soundtrack is great and the costumes are beautifully outrageous. 

2. A Life Less Ordinary
It has been awhile since I watched this film but Netflix added it back on this month so I thought I would include it. I am not sure how well it has aged. It was however my introduction to Ewan McGregor so that counts for something.
McGregor's character kind of accidentally takes his boss' daughter (played my Cameron Diaz) hostage after getting fired. What they don't realize is that there are "higher" forces at work to united this unlikely pair. Holly Hunter and Delroy Lindo are perfect as the angels trying to get these two together.

3. Human Traffic
I can't find a trailer for this one.
Human Traffic takes place mainly over one night when a group of friends in Cardiff go out and party. It is a bit over the top at times but still a fun comedy. 
Bonus points if you can spot Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes in this.

I'm re-watching this right now and had almost forgotten how much a liked it.
If you are a Doctor Who fan this could be a nice filler until the new season starts. I'm not even sure when that will be.
If you have never watched Doctor Who you can still enjoy this series.
The viewer follows PC Gwen Cooper into the world or Torchwood. A group using alien tech to keep the world safe.
BTW John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness) looks gorgeous in this series.
I will say that I never got into the mini-series Children of Earth. I basically stopped watching after season 2. But that is purely my preference.

Well that is it for this post. I hope this is helpful.
As always any questions or suggestions are welcome.
Maybe next month I will try and do a Captain America- Civil War tie in.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Faux Foodie-Bunny Cookies

For Easter this year my mother and I had a bright idea of making bunny cookies to sell at her office. I sent out the pictures of some bunny cookies I made a few years before to see if anyone would be interest. And they were. 
We ended up making 60 bunny cookies and there were still people who wanted them after they ran out. 
In the past when I have made a bunch of decorated cookies like this I have done it on my own. My mom had no idea how much work goes into these. She stayed the evening and helped me put the initial white frosting base on the cookies.
At one point she declared that she was snow blind.
She also finally agreed with me that this takes a lot of work. Finally, she got it. 
I didn't get that many pictures of the finished cookies. This is the only one that I have. By the time I had finished my hand was shaking and some bunny eyes were not even. I did not think they were perfect but according to my mom everyone loved them.
Let me just say that my house smelled like powdered sugar for days.

Faux Foodie- Eton Mess

Since life is strange right now, I have nothing relevant to post right now... so instead a re-post/edit of one of my favorite desserts ...