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Game of Thrones: In Memoriam Season 5

Valar Morghulis: All Men Must Die
The only certainty in any episode of Game of Thrones is that someone will die. Be they a central character or a nameless unknown anyone seems to be on the chopping block...literally for some.
Season six will start later this month so here is a list of the deaths from last season to get you caught up for the upcoming season.
Still upset that I am going to miss out on this upcoming season since I canceled HBO and Starz this year. What have I done?!

Red- Important Deaths
Blue- Less Important Deaths
Green- Just your average deaths in GOT and/or large groups of unnamed slaughtered. 
This will be long since I do not want to break it into two parts like I did last year.
501- The Wars to Come
  • White Rat- One on Dany's Unsullied. Assassinated by one of the Sons of Harpy. Introducing them as a threat to Dany and her allies.
  • Mance Rayder- Nearly burnt at the stake by Stannis and the Red Woman. Killed by Jon Snow with an arrow out of mercy.

502- The House of Black and White
  • Littler Finger's Guards- Killed by Brienne when she tries to get to Sansa Stark
  • A Son of Harpy- A captured Son of Harpy assassinated against Dany's order by Mossador.
  • Mossador- Publicly executed for killing the imprisoned Son of Harpy leading to public outrage towards Dany.
  • Unknown Dwarf- Killed off screen. His head is offered to Cersei since she has offered a reward for her brother's head (Tyrion).

503- High Sparrow
  • Lord Janos Slynt- Executed by Jon Snow for disobeying a command. 
  • Unnamed Man- The first person Arya witnesses coming to the House of Black and White to die. He is given water from the fountain by Jaqen H'ghar.

504- Sons of Harpy
  • Unnamed costumer- A man at Little Finger's brothel apparently killed by the Faith Militant.
  • Dornish Soldiers- Killed by Bronn and Jamie. They take their clothing and continue to go find Jamie's "niece" Myrcella.
  • Ship Captain- Was the captain of the ship that Bronn and Jamie took to Dorne. He was buried up to his neck by the Sand Snakes while they interrogated him. Finished off with a spear by Obara.
  • Random Meereen citizens- Killed by the Sons of Harpy
  • Unknown number of Sons of Harpy and Unsullied- Alley battle between Dany's Unsullied and the Sons of Harpy
  • Ser Barristan Selmy- Dany's ally and adviser killed in the fight between the Sons of Harpy and the Unsullied.

505- Kill the Boy
  • Head of a Great Family of Meereen- I didn't catch a name if he had one. Killed in front of other leaders of great families of Meereen. Burned and eaten by two of Dany's dragons
  • Stone men- A number of Stone men killed by Jorah and Tyrion when they are attacked on a boat near Old Valyria.

506- Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
  • Ghita- Dying girl brought to the House of Black and White. Arya is the one to give her the "death water" after making up a story about her life.

507- The Gift
  • Maester Aemon- Died of old age at Castle Black. He has Sam by his side. Jon Snow loses one of his best allies.
  • Old Woman- The unnamed old woman who offered to help Sansa if she put a candle in the window of the broken tower. This information was given to Ramsey by Reek. Ramsey had her flayed alive and then took Sansa to see. 
  • Random Fighters- After Jorah and Tyrion are taken prisoner they are sold to be put into the Fighting Pit. Jorah kills many other fighters in the pit for a chance to address Dany.

508- Hardhome
  • Lord of Bones- Had to look this one's name up. Beaten to death by fellow wildling, Tormund for insulting him by insinuating that Tormund and Jon are lovers.
  • Lobada of Thenns- Killed by the badass White Walker while helping Jon Snow try to find the Dragon Glass.
  • Badass White Walker- Killed by Jon Snow and the sword given to him by Mormont. Turns out Valyrian Steel works like dragon glass too.
  • Karsi- I had such high hopes for her. Mauled to death by a pack of wight children.
  • Unknown Wildlings- During the battle of Hardhome MANY wildlings did not survive. But they do rise again as wights in the White Walkers' Undead Army.

509- The Dance of Dragons
  • Another random House of Black and White death- I don't think they even have names anymore
  • Shireen- Daughter of Stannis. Burned alive by the Red Woman as a sacrifice so that Stannis may win against the Boltons
  • More Fighters- Unknown fighters in the Pit fight to the death as Dany and Tyrion have to watch.
  • Son of Harpy- Killed by a spear from Jorah from the fighting pit. He was attempting to assassinate Dany.
  • Citizens of Meereen- Killed by the Sons of Harpy while they are in attendance at the fighting pits.
  • A Son of Harpy assassin- Killed by Tyrion when he goes and protects Missandei. This gives Tyrion a chance to be seem as more than just a drunken royal on the run.
  • Hizdahr zo Loraq- Dany's betrothed. Killed by Sons of Harpy while trying to get out of the arena with the others.
  • Unknown Sons of Harpy- Killed by Dany's allies, unsullied and of course her dragon Drogon
510- Mother's Mercy
  • Selyse Baratheon- Hangs herself after watching her daughter, Shireen, sacrificed.
  • Stannis' Army- Even though Stannis sacrifice his only child for victory, it didn't work out. Bolton's army destroyed Stannis'. Of course some Bolton men died too.
  • Stannis Baratheon- After all his efforts to gain the crown he is executed after the battle by Brienne in revenge for the murder of his brother Renly.
  • Myranda- Ramsay Bolton's equally sadistic mistress is thrown off a tower by Theon Greyjoy because she threatens Sansa Stark with a bow and arrow. Finally Theon regains some dignity.
  • Ser Meryn Trant- The cruelest member of the King's Guard. Murdered by Arya Stark in revenge for killing her "Dancing Master" Syrio Forel. This man has been on Arya murder list since the beginning.
  • *(Jaqen, the Waif or Arya) The final scene in the house of Black and White is pretty confusing. Any of these three may be dead or not. 
  • Myrcella Baratheon- Cersei and Jamie's daughter. Poisoned by a kiss from Ellaria to avenge her lover's, Oberyn Martell, death.
  • *Jon Snow- Killed by his fellow members of the Night's Watch as a traitor for wanting to team up with the Wildlings. (The Red Woman is at the Black Castle so his death may not be permanent)   

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