Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Netflix Picks- April 2016

This is a newer kind of post for me.
Each month I will try and pick a few movies and/or TV shows that are currently on Netflix that I think some of you may like.
Since this is Netflix I can only guarantee that at the time this post is published that these films are still available for the US streaming Netflix. Netflix is known for having mass expiration at the middle and end of each month.

That being said here are a few films that I really enjoy. After this month I may try and make these monthly posts a bit more themed.

1. Velvet Goldmine
This film is mainly about Glam Rocker, Brian Slade (played by The Tutor's Jonathan Rhys Meyers). The story follows a report in the 80's researching Brian Slade's 70's career. The reporter is played by a very young Christian Bale, whose character was a fan of the glam rocker. Also Ewan McGregor plays an Iggy Pop like character who has a relationship with Brian Slade
The soundtrack is great and the costumes are beautifully outrageous. 

2. A Life Less Ordinary
It has been awhile since I watched this film but Netflix added it back on this month so I thought I would include it. I am not sure how well it has aged. It was however my introduction to Ewan McGregor so that counts for something.
McGregor's character kind of accidentally takes his boss' daughter (played my Cameron Diaz) hostage after getting fired. What they don't realize is that there are "higher" forces at work to united this unlikely pair. Holly Hunter and Delroy Lindo are perfect as the angels trying to get these two together.

3. Human Traffic
I can't find a trailer for this one.
Human Traffic takes place mainly over one night when a group of friends in Cardiff go out and party. It is a bit over the top at times but still a fun comedy. 
Bonus points if you can spot Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes in this.

I'm re-watching this right now and had almost forgotten how much a liked it.
If you are a Doctor Who fan this could be a nice filler until the new season starts. I'm not even sure when that will be.
If you have never watched Doctor Who you can still enjoy this series.
The viewer follows PC Gwen Cooper into the world or Torchwood. A group using alien tech to keep the world safe.
BTW John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness) looks gorgeous in this series.
I will say that I never got into the mini-series Children of Earth. I basically stopped watching after season 2. But that is purely my preference.

Well that is it for this post. I hope this is helpful.
As always any questions or suggestions are welcome.
Maybe next month I will try and do a Captain America- Civil War tie in.


  1. Love this idea!
    I'm going to check out A life less ordinary.
    Human Traffic is a brilliant film (total crush on Danny Dyer... still have lol).

    1. Awe Danny Dyer was so cute in that film. I had a crush on John Simms because of that movie : )


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