Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bob Hoskins 1942-2014

I had planned to write about more bad gaming habits today but when I turned on my computer I read that Bob Hoskins had passed away.

Bob Hoskins was that actor that was recognizable to everyone because he played so many diverse characters is many different genres of film.
In honor of this great versatile actor here is a list of my favorite Bob Hoskins films.

  1. Super Mario Bros.: When it comes to this movie people either love it or hated it with a passion. Even the main actors, Hoskins and John Leguizamo, have mentioned how they regretted this film. So why is it my number one? Its the strangest combination of sci-fi, video game tie in, adventure and comedy. I played the original Mario game and I watched the Mario Bros tv show as a child and loved them. This film was the campy, beautiful massive version of what I loved. And to be honest Hoskins was exactly how I pictured Mario to be in real life. Leguizamo not so much. And where was Princess Peach? This film wasn't a masterpiece, a lot things went weird, but it was fun. Sometimes fun is all you need. 
  2. Mrs. Henderson Presents: Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins...Yes Please. This comedy was based on the true story of the Windmill Theatre during WWII. What makes this film so funny and compelling is the banter between Dench and Hoskins' characters. Perfect casting. 
  3. Hook: Okay, I love this movie. I watch it every time it is on TV. Robin Williams as Peter Pan. That's all I need. While I could go on for awhile about this film, I'm sticking to Hoskins today. Hoskins played Smee. Another great casting choice. The nicer pirate and the voice of reason to Hook. The Smee moment that stands out most for me is technically not a Smee moment, its Hopkins as the sweeper at the end. I have always believed that they are the same person, Smee is the sweeper. I think that moment in the movie is saying that everything that happened before was real and not Peter Pan's imagination. Neverland is real.
  4. Mermaids: This is an odd movie. Just the cast list alone is odd. Cher, Hoskins, Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci. Its been a few years since I've seen this movie but the Shoop Shoop song pops into my head right away. Why do I remember  it enough to put it on my list. I think it is the odd but affecting feel it has. 
  5. And last, but definitely not least, Who Framed Roger Rabbit: When you think of Bob Hoskins this is the movie that pops into most people's head.  The image of Hoskins as the 1940's detective Eddie Valiant is the most recognized character he played. And with good cause. He is really the only main human character, playing opposite cartoons. And yet it seemed so natural. This will probably be the movie he will be remembered for, despite his long and varied career. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Although I was traumatized by "the Dip" scene, that poor shoe. Curse you Judge Doom.
These are just a few of the movies Bob Hoskins acted in. I didn't even delve into television or stage credits.
A great actor.


Friday, April 25, 2014

Literary Fixation: Jane Austen, Part 1

I've been thinking about doing a weekly blog post about books.
A virtual book club/review/rant 
I figure the best place to start is with Jane Austen

I have read all of her novels multiple times and truly enjoy the Regency world she wrote about.
To begin this I am starting with my least liked book and building up to my favorite through the upcoming weeks. 

How do I say this...I hate Emma. 
She is a snotty, spoiled and sometimes rude character that every other character thinks so highly of. Looking through the book again I cannot really find a redeeming moment for her. One would expect that by the end of the book she would have evolved or learned some lesson, but that doesn't happen.
In fact I think she gets worse as the book progresses. 
There is only one other character that equals her level of annoyance and that is her father. He is more spoiled than Emma and makes everyone accommodate him.
And Mr. Knightly, ugh, he is also above everyone else in his opinion. I can understand him vocally disproving of the things Emma does, but they are both snotty characters.
They really deserve each other.

Let me get away from the things that I didn't like and get more positive.
Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax.
I liked their characters and story lines much better.
They are made out to be the bad couple, playing games and deceiving those around them. Yet they are the more interesting couple.

Emma thinks of Jane as a goody-goody because she is actually polite and seems genuinely kind.
I would love to have read a book about Frank and Jane. They may have not been right in the way their love affair was played out, but its more exciting and romantic. A clandestine romance is always intriguing.

And the Bates (mother and daughter)
I believe that everyone has family members or old family friends like these two. 

Emma is the one novel of Jane Austen's that is always hard for me to read. I like to root for the main character but Emma is not worth it. That isn't to say it is not worth reading. 

Not the best way to start a weekly blog post, but I want to build up to the Austen novel I love the most.

Next week Northanger Abbey 

Monday, April 21, 2014

April's Loot Crate: DRAGONS

This month's LootCrate has arrived.
Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box for the geek and gamer. It costs about $20 including shipping. Each month has a theme and this month's theme is DRAGONS.
(This will be a long, pictured filled post)
Being a big Game Of Thrones fan I have been looking forward to this. Also there were hints to what might also be included in this crate: an exclusive Elder Scrolls item.

Included in this crate: a Game of Thrones mystery mini, a 20 Sided Stress Dice and the exclusive Elder Scrolls The Nord figure.
I love mystery mini figures. The anticipation and surprise of finding out which figure you received. Hoping that you don't already have that one. I have a few mystery minis including a Game of Thrones Tyrion Lannister. So I am really happy with the Whitewalker figure that came in my crate. Although I really want Ayra, she is my favorite ass-kicker ever.
The exclusive Elder Scrolls figure is called The Nord. According to the Loot Crate magazine, included in the crate, this is a figure that is only available in this crate. Something just for us Looters!!
It comes a a sword and axe, plus the helmet actually comes off. I should have taken a picture but oh well. This is great item for Elder Scroll fans. 
And it reminds me how behind I am on gaming. Why have I never played this game?!? I must change that soon.
It seems like the people at Loot Crate are always sending something fun and edible that go along with the theme or the season in the crates. This month they sent DRAGON JERKY, and its GREEN.
This is such a perfect fit for the crate and it looks really cool, but I am sorry, I'm not eating it. Maybe my mom will like it.

And to round out this month's DRAGONS crate we have a Dragon Shield Screen Cleaner. It looks cool and is useful, so thumbs up.
A 20 Sided Polyhedral Dice. Mine is green. 
A DRAGON Slayer dog tag necklace. 
And a Loot Crate collectible pin with the DRAGON theme on it.

This has been a pretty epic crate. The Game of Thrones mystery mini and Elder Scrolls figure are my favorites but there isn't anything I didn't like or will not find useful in this crate. Way to go Loot Crate!!

To get your own subscription go to : Loot Crate 


Friday, April 18, 2014

David Tennant Day....and other things

A Happy Birthday to the 10th Doctor David Tennant.
We Whovians wish you many happy returns.

Just had to say that

Anyway how about a little Mad Men?
I foolishly thought I could re-watch the entire series in time for the premier.
I am just on season 3 and the premier was last Sunday.
Even though I am so far behind where I wanted to be there is so much I had completely forgotten about story-line wise. Is it bad that I want Peggy and Pete to somehow end up together? And how badass was Betty shooting the neighbors pigeons.
It is strange how much I like the fashion on this show. It makes me want to buy my whole wardrobe from Modcloth.
Plus I love Christina Hendricks. 
Still I have to get it together if I want to catch up before this half season is over. 
Let the binge watching session begin.

I ended up making a bunch of Easter Bunny cookies this week. That is one of the reasons I didn't get as far along in Mad Men as I hoped.
Decorating cookies is a challenge. It seems so simple in theory until you make the dough, roll and bake the cookies, make the icing etc.
Getting the royal glaze icing to the right consistency and then color is a trial in and of itself. It took hours but...
it worked out pretty well.
Basically this has been a very random post.
Sorry. I'm a random person
After I finish with Mad Men I plan to get back into my Breaking My Bad Gaming Habit Challenge. 


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Reaction Post: GoT Season 4 Premiere

Game of Thrones is back.
Spoilers ahead
The season 4 premiere wasn't earth-shattering or shocking and to be honest I really didn't expect or want it to be. There are so many characters and plots going on at the same time that, in order to bring the viewers back into the realm of the series, the premiere episode needs to essentially play catch-up. 
That is exactly what this episode did. With the exceptions of Bran, Theon and Stannis Baratheon all the main characters and story lines were addressed.
 I am not going to go into a full detailed account of the episode, but I will mention the parts that I enjoyed or that stood out.

The pre-opening with Tywin melting down the the Stark's blade "Ice" and then burning the pelt of Robb's direwolf Grey Wind seemed like a ceremonial casting away of dead defeated foes.
(Little does he know the most bad-ass Stark has just begun.)

I enjoy the odd relationship between Brienne and Jaime. She makes him better. I actually almost like him when he is around her.

Joffrey is still a douche.

Sansa and Tyrion have some real domestic problems. Tyrion is really trying to help and be kind but having your parents and brother murdered by your in-laws is not something that can easily be overcome.
I like Tyrion, he is one of my favorite characters in the series. I just wish things did not always turn out so bad for him and the few good people he cares about.

And finally Arya. ARYA!!!
She is amazing. Out of all the characters I think she has the most potential. She has seen and experience so much, but instead of letting it overwhelm her and destroy her, she has chosen to survive and get revenge along the way.
The way she kills the man that killed her friend was perfect. She would not finish him off until he knew why he was to die. 
Plus the calm and cold way in which she repeated every word he said to Lommy back to him was chilling.

I'm rooting for Arya to win it all.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Goal Achieved: Batman: Arkham Asylum

In a previous post I made the goal of finishing the games I have started and getting over my bad gaming habit.
The result thus far:
I actually finished Batman: Arkham Asylum!!! Defeated Joker and completed the Riddle's Challenge. I'm going to admit it, I'm kind of proud of myself. 

We did it

I know that it is not a great feat, but setting a goal, no matter how small or irrelevant and actually completing said goal is a great feeling.  
I will start looking through my games to choose the next one to complete

On to other things:
LootCrate announced it's April theme: DRAGONS
It should include Game of Thrones and Elder Scrolls loot as well as anything cool in the dragon realm.
Yea, I am so excited! My first crate had Attack on Titan and now Games of Thrones

So I have the premier of Game of Thrones and LootCrate to look forward to. Of course Game of Thrones is like The Walking Dead, in that I watch it anticipating that anyone I like will die.
 But it is still oddly enjoyable.


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