Sunday, March 30, 2014

Zombies and Malls just go together

Tonight was the season finale of THE WALKING DEAD.
I am sort of traumatized yet excited about next season. I hate cliffhangers, but I understand the necessity for a TV show to use it. Doesn't mean I like it.
The first half of this post will be reactions to the finale


"Those Who Arrive Survive" my belly!!!  

WTF Cannibals?! Or ritualistic human sacrifice?! The entire episode all I could think was "someone's going to die". For a good minute it looked like Carl was a goner at Terminus being the last one allowed to walk towards the railway car. During his slow walk I was expecting him to be shot while the others watched.

Where did all the gunmen come from? Our heroes surveyed the place, wouldn't they have seen something? Bad scouting move guys. 

Can't really blame Rick for being out of it, "Joe" was probably causing some indigestion.

All in all a nail biting episode that only makes the anticipation for the next season greater.

The question that is still on my mind though is "Where is Beth?".
I liked the whole night and day thing she had with Darryl. It was fun, odd and sweet. Hell they burned a house down and walked away all bad-ass.

I hope they don't pull a "Sophia" on her. Having everyone, especially Darryl, looking for her only to find her a walker. 


Today in honor of tonight's finale I went to the mall. I always think of zombies when I go there. I blame George Romero.

Here is my Mall Haul
As you can see the mall I went to has a couple of really great candy stores.
Maltesers, CurlyWurly and Harry Potter Chocolate frog from Lolli & Pops. Its one of the few places I can get British candy.
And See's Hollow Chocolate Eggs w/ a white chocolate chick inside. I love See's chocolate and these were so sickeningly cute.
Okay getting away from the yummy candy. The big ball on the right is a LUSH bath bomb. I was shocked to see a LUSH store. So I had to get one of these to try. It's Sakura.
And to round out the shopping trip, two mystery mini boxes. Game of Thrones and DC Universe.

 My Game of Thrones mini is Tyrion Lannister and DC Universe mini is Batman (smirking)
I like them both but I was kind of hoping for Arya, Batgirl or Catwomen. 

I grabbed these boxes because they seemed appropriate since I am trying to complete BATMAN: Arkham Asylum and because with the end of the Walking Dead till the fall, I have Game of Thrones to fixate on.

All Men Must Die


Friday, March 28, 2014

Bad Gamer

I have this bad gaming habit of almost never playing a game all the way through. I also have an odd history with gaming consoles.

It probably doesn't help that I seem to always be a console behind what is currently popular. I had an original Nintendo system when SEGA became the rage, I had the original PlayStation when all the new games I wanted were for NINTENDO 64

Then for awhile I was without a console. I played random things on PC

The Wii pulled me back into the gaming world that I missed so very much, but even then PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 were the consoles with the more interesting games. And of course the flop that is Wii U. 

So I broke down and bought a XBOX 360, and the dawning of XBOX One and PlayStation 4 happened.

So to recap I have a Wii and an XBOX 360.

Here is where my bad gaming habit comes into play. I can only think of two games that I may have every completed. Duck Hunt for the original Nintendo (that could be my imagination though, I was young and it was a long time ago) and LEGO Harry Potter 1-4 for Wii. 

I don't really know why this happens, but I have a bunch of unfinished games. Either I stop playing a game too long that I cannot get back into it easily enough to want to keep playing, I get stuck on a difficult part and basically "run away", or sadly sometimes I just forget about the game

With all of that being said I have decided to try and finish the games I have.

Hello Batman: Arkham Asylum, we have some catching up to do.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My first Loot Crate: TITAN

My first Loot Crate subscription box arrived today. Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box for the Geek and Gamer. It cost around $20 a month including shipping. Each month has a theme and this month's theme is TITAN. It includes both Titanfall and Attack on Titan
 I know what Titanfall is even though I haven't played it and I'm not really sure if I every will. 

On the other hand I have just become a recent convert to Attack on Titan. It was something I knew about and had it on my Netflix list for awhile. I have not really every been into anime but when the theme for this box was announced I decided to watch it.
I watched the entire series and loved every minute of it. So I have been really excited for this box.
 Here is everything that came in the box minus a card with details about coupon codes that will be emailed at a later date.

 This is the Loot Crate magazine that comes with each crate detailing the theme of the month, including an interview and details on the products in the crate.
(Sorry about the blurry pic)

 For Titanfall the crate included an exclusive t-shirt that was originally only available to the development team for the game.
A Titanfall strategy e-guide (the card in the top left hand corner)
And a Titanfall lanyard  

 For Attack On Titan the first in the manga series. 
And a Wings of Freedom scouting regiment wristband
(I am definitely going to wear this)

 As I was saying before, I have never really gotten into anime or manga. So I was surprised that this book is written in the reverse to what I am used to. 
It will be interesting to start reading this. Maybe it will help to sway me towards other manga.  

And to round up the goodies:
A magnet with the cover art of the Loot Crate magazine
A Loot Crate button with the TITAN theme
and candy.

You really can't go wrong with some candy.

In all I really like this box. I may not be playing Titanfall but I may in the future. Everything Attack on Titan related is fantastic.
 I can't wait for next month's box


Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Today I received a Walking Dead "Walker" prized pack from Nerd Fu. It is beautiful.

 I opened up the box to find a handwritten note as well as all the walker awesomeness waiting to be unwrapped. I know its strange to say it but I really thought that was freaking nice to send a note.

Here they all are. Two 7 inch vinyl figures: The Prison Guard and The RV Walker (complete with screwdriver in the eye, nice move Andrea)
And three mystery minis.
 I love mystery mini boxes I have some Doctor Who ones  

Of course right after the previous picture I tore into these bad boys like, dare I say it, a walker on a prison bus.
The three I got are Bloody Merle, Bicycle Girl and Teddy Bear Walker

Here is a different angle of Bicycle Girl.

So basically today has been AWESOME. Thanks to Nerd Fu for the Walking Dead swag.
Check them out at 


~ Eris

Hunger Games vs Battle Royale

I have heard the debate about these films for awhile. How are they alike or different, which is the better movie/book etc. After watching them both back to back I started to think...

Which dystopia would it be worse to live in?

Battle Royale


  1. The students seem blissfully unaware of the battle ahead of them until they are already in it.
  2. Every student at least gets food, water, a map and a "weapon"

  1. The weapon you get could be a fan or a lid while someone else gets the crossbow or gun.
  2. The people you must kill or that must kill you are they same group that you have known for years
  3. The explosive collars
  4. The oddly upbeat training video
  5. Only having three days before everyone dies
Hunger Games


  1. Some time to prepare to fight to the death
  2. The small chance of getting sponsors to send stuff
  3. The prep time in the capitol full of decadence 
  4. If selected to play you only know one other person that you may have to fight
  5. The games seem to have an unlimited time frame which could be good or bad... 

  1. Knowing that the games will happen every year and the constant fear that you are someone you care about could be forced to go
  2. The whole population being force to watch and make it seem like wonderful entertainment
  3. If you don't get something from the cornucopia you're kind of screwed 
  4. Gamemakers trying to up the entertainment value
  5. Unlimited time frame...

The deciding factor for me is between Battle Royale's knowing everyone there and the Hunger Game's knowing that it will happen every year.  

My winner of the worse dystopia to live in is.........Hunger Games. Give me ignorant bliss over constant dread anyday.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Place to Start

I'm eris-discord42 (sometimes that really matters). I am an actress, geek/nerd, lover of sci-fi, female peter pan syndrome victim, perpetual prisoner, creator, player and anything else that strikes my fancy. 

I am not sure what I intend this blog to be. 

It could be something amusing or end up being crap. I guess we will have to wait and see. Exciting right ; ) 

~ eris 

Faux Foodie- Eton Mess

Since life is strange right now, I have nothing relevant to post right now... so instead a re-post/edit of one of my favorite desserts ...