Friday, March 27, 2015

March Wrap Up

This past Wednesday really emphasized that Spring is here. Meaning that I spent an hour hiding in my bathroom while listening to the screams of the tornado sirens beneath the roar of the wind. I cannot remember an actual tornado getting as close to me as this one. Add that I lost electricity right away and could not watch the news to find out what was happening. 10 long hours without power and a cell phone that had lost network. 
Oh Spring, thou art a cruel mistress.
It reminds me how much I need to get out of Oklahoma. Oklahoma is Mother Nature's Hunger Games. Tornadoes, earthquakes, blizzards, ice storms, floods, droughts... May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.
This is how my March has ended. Not fun.
Now on to better things. What has kept me entertained this month.

One year ago this month I started writing this blog. I still do not known exactly what I am doing but I really enjoy doing it. I use this blog as an excuse to try things I wouldn't normally do, like all the different baking. Maybe by my second blogiversary I will have figured everything out. Until then, randomness as usual.

My mom has been randomly picking up the Game of Thrones mystery minis when she comes across them. How I do love her. This month I got three and they are all new ones for me. Rob Stark, glow in the dark White Walker and Joffrey. I really only need Jon, Dany and Kal Drogo since Jamie is way too hard to find.
And I broke down and order The Winter Soldier Pop. I have become such a Marvel fan. I loved Captain America: The Winter Soldier and I was afraid that they would sell out of this pop again. I am broke but what is the point of not "treating yo self" some ( Parks and I miss you). 

This month was the International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club's 2nd birthday. I am so glad that I discovered this amazing community. I participated in the craft challenge this month with some birthday cake earrings.
My Iggle BookWorm reads this month were Code Name Verity and A Conspiracy of Alchemists. Code Name Verity is a WWII historical fiction book from the viewpoints of two female best friends. It is a difficult read but really worth it.
A Conspiracy of Alchemists, on the other hand, was so boring. I did not like the characters or the story. I was glad to finish it just to get it away. It is a rare book that I take such an odd disliking to. 

Movies and TV

Not necessarily a recommendation. This is one strange film. I do not know what I expected but it has Alan Rickman, Dustin Hoffman and John Hurt as the narrator. It is one long weird film.

I have just started the third season of The Borgias on Netflix. I have wanted to see this because it has Jeremy Irons and Holliday Grainger in it. It is pretty good. Not as entertaining as The Tudors or as appealing as The White Queen, but a pretty good historical fiction series.

The one thing I want to get before the end of March is the Birthday Frappe from Starbucks. I will try and go this weekend. I have a quest.  

EDIT: Birthday Frappe acquired. Eh... 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Placebo Addiction...The British Band

To explain how Placebo became my favorite band is a bit of a winding road. The film Velvet Goldmine has been a favorite of my since High School. It ties into my life long love affair with David Bowie. I have the film on DVD and watched it dozens if not hundreds of time. The band that Christian Bale's character befriends was always a favorite of mine. I never thought that they were a real band. Oh Brian Molko, you with you sparkly top hat and feather boa.
I was working in my incredibly boring job (and watching youtube videos) when I stumbled across the video of Bowie and Placebo playing Without You I'm Nothing. This resulted in an obsessive search for this band called Placebo. I watched their videos and fell madly in love with their music.
This was a strange period in my life. I had just finished community college and started working at the same college. I was disappointed and angry at the world because it seemed no matter what I did I never managed to succeed.
I was floundering.
It seems to me that the right things happen at the right time.
There I was, feeling lost and alone, when Placebo entered my life. Specific songs seemed to express what I was feeling. Trite I know.
I ordered the first three albums right away. I listened to one album a month to fully throw myself into it. Plus I had a new album each month to look forward to. I did this with all of their cds.
I have also made most of my friends listen to Placebo. I am such a vocal fan of this band.

I was supposed to see them in concert a few years ago when they were going to tour the USA. I ordered tickets to the Dallas show the moment they went on sell. I managed to convince my friend, Regan, to go with me...and drive us. It would have been a pretty long drive since we were to drive from North Eastern Oklahoma. This never happened since Brian Molko got sick in Japan before the USA tour started. The other tour they had in the States never made it anywhere close to where I could get to. One day!

And the reason I am writing this post today is because Placebo is involved in how I started this blog. It was Placebo's Loud Like Love TV special on YouTube that really introduced me to youtubers. I originally wanted to make a YouTube channel before I changed my mind and decided to write a blog. Kind of strange how those all fit together for me. 
Placebo inspires me. I started playing guitar again after I first started listening to them.
They make me happy.
So I am sharing the happiness with anyone who wants to listen to them.
Take the chance. Each album has its on voice.

Friday, March 20, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: My Comfort Films

Once again the lovely ladies, The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick, have picked out a wonderfully difficult theme this week. I am a movie and TV addict with so many favorite films and shows. Narrowing it down to five comfort films was a daunting task. I think I choose a decent mix here.

Logan's Run is just my all time favorite film. This and Labyrinth (which just barely missed the cut) started my descent into SciFi and Fantasy nerdom. I love everything about this movie. Even though I will admit that the sets, costumes and graphics are pretty campy, they are why I love it so. Add a Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack and boom! instant classic. I hope with every fiber of my being that they will never re-make this. Why mess with perfection?!

2. Clue
Oh Madeline Kahn how I adore you. A movie based on a boardgame, it should not have worked. Yet a fantastic cast, glorious set and general murder shenanigans and it melds together into a fun film. I do love all the alternate endings. 

A darker filmed based off of the subject of suicide. A group of young adults in a psych ward probably doesn't seem like a film to promote comfort, but there is something relatable to these characters. Especially Cillian Murphy's Jonathan. It is a dark and witty film with an undercurrent of hope. Life can be shit, but maybe it is worth it.

I get all the Neil Patrick Harris love, he is pretty much amazing in everything that he does. But for me the one and only Hedwig is John Cameron Mitchell . Everything about this movie makes me happy. The soundtrack is fantastic, I play it a lot. JCM is just sassy and beautiful as the almost transsexual Punk-Rock goddess. I would recommend this film to everyone. 

Yes I know this is not a film, but each episode is its own magnificent short film. So it's in my list. I was trying to think of my favorite episode but there are too many. I will leave you with the song from Call of the Yeti.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March Birchbox and Ipsy

This month's Birchbox and Ipsy subscription boxes have arrived. Each subscription cost $10 a month including shipping. I share these boxes with my mom, so the products in GREEN are the ones she choose. Now onto the reviews/descriptions.

  • Oscar Blandi Lacca Hairspray- A decent sized sample of hairspray. Honestly I can't tell the difference between hairsprays. I do like that I can put this in my purse or tote.
  • Elite Therapeutics Rosemary Eucalyptus Body Creme- I'm sorry but YUCK. I hate eucalyptus. When I worked at Bath and Body Works I always tried to steer clear of anything with eucalyptus scent. My mom is the same way, a big no for us.
  • Nelson J Beverly Hills Argan Oil 7 Moisture Healing Mask- Coconut- Not a fan of anything with coconut in it. But the sample size is pretty good compared to other sample hair masks I've received. Pity we won't use it.
  • Jelly Pong Pong GLOW GETTER Highlighter- I though this was a tiny bottle of nail polish at first. It is a shimmer highlighter for cheeks and brow bones. 
  • BioRepublic Cucumber Breeze Soothing Mask- Face masks are always a win in these boxes. A fiber mask to calm stressed skin.  

Ipsy always includes a makeup bag.
  • LeeAnni Eco 3 in 1 Revolution Light- A toner, serum and moisturizer lotion. Good sized sample especially since it does not seem like you need a lot of it. 
  • NYX Butter Lipstick- The shade I got is Hunk. It looks intimidating and dark but it goes on lighter and actually works well with my pale, pale skin. Lightweight and not sticky too, Win!
  • Chella Ivory Lace Hightlighter- A multi-purpose pencil for highlighting the eyes or cover dark circles and blemishes. Sample size is nice.
  • Pixie by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Duo- I'm pretty happy with the size and colors. It is just a good product.
  • skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels- What I really liked it that they sent two sets of these. Even though my mom took both.
If I had to choose a winner this month, Ipsy hands down. We just didn't like a lot of Birchbox's products this month. I do like the assortment of products that each of these subscription boxes send each month. My favorite from Birchbox: Cucumber Breeze Soothing Mask and from Ipsy: NYX Butter Lipstick.

Do you get either of these boxes? If you get Ipsy what did you think of the makeup bag this month?

Friday, March 13, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: My Fictional BFFs

I have been a little bit absence from blogging and social media this week. Why? SPRING! The weather has been glorious and I believe I have Spring Fever. I feel so antsy and I just want to get out and do something. Oh Spring, how you drive me crazy.
Now I must buckle down and write this post. Must do something slightly productive.
This week's 5 Fandom Friday theme is Fictional BFFs
Thanks to The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick for all their fun themes.

I gathered together some items that represent my fictional besties.
  1. The Cheshire cats for Alice. I may have mentioned a dozen or so times my love of all thing Alice. The books, films, miniseries and games. I feel a connection to the curious girl who walks through a looking glass. 
  2. The wine, goblet and White Walker for Cersei Lanninster. Let's face it, this girl knows her wine. If it wasn't for the whole "kill or be killed" vibe with her, she would probably be pretty fun to hang out with. 
  3. Robin plush...for Robin. 1960s Robin will always be important to me. He was my first real imaginary friend. I was an only child and a nerdy one at that. Plus young Burt Ward was adorable. 
  4. Tardis and mini Doctors for Matt Smith's Doctor. I am a whovian. And like most whovians I want to Tardis to land in my yard and the Doctor to take me on some amazing adventures. Matt Smith is my favorite incarnation of the Doctor. I'm still not feeling Peter Capaldi, maybe once Clara leaves I'll grow to like him.
  5. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for Arthur Dent. Some days I feel like Arthur. Like I have no control over my life. On those days I think of Arthur Dent. When life goes bonkers just grab a towel and blunder through it. 

Next week's Wednesday post should be Mighty Boosh/ St. Patrick's Day ECLAIRS. If I don't screw them up this weekend. "Bailey's"

Friday, March 6, 2015

Save the Monarch Butterflies

Despite the blizzard conditions most of us are in right now, Spring will be here soon. With Spring comes the migration of the Monarch butterflies. Each year the population of these beautiful creatures decreases.
The most important plant to the life cycle of the monarch butterflies is Milkweed. They lay their eggs on these plants. As I have been researching on ways to help the monarchs I came across something I did not ever think about. Some Milkweed species are causes these creatures to get parasites. The solution is finding the right Milkweed plants that are native to your area and do not stay green year round.
Check out this site for some ideas: Native Wildlife Garden
Personally I think that after finding the right Milkweed plants for your area it would be a great idea to make a butterfly garden. A place in or around your yard that you can plant different flowers including the milkweed and keep it insecticide free. 
I have my own reasons for wanting to save the monarchs. When I was little, my dad walked to my elementary school to pick me up and found an injured monarch butterfly on the way there. He scooped it up and we brought it home. 
I had just watched the microfilm lesson on monarchs in school that week.
(Please say I am not the only person who remembers microfilm lessons with the accompanying cassette tape that told you when to move to the next slide.)
Everyday I gathered flowers and had a plate of water laid out for the butterfly. Its wing was slightly torn and it was unable to fly but it could walk easily.
I think it was a week later that this little fighter started climbing up the lace curtains and started flying again. Once it was able to fly pretty well we took it outside to where some wildflowers were growing in the yard and let it go.
I cannot say for certain that it survived but I hope it did.
Around this time I was all about Captain Planet and Ferngully so I wanted to save the world. Maybe I did. 
It only takes small acts by many people to change the world for the better.

Now is the time that you can help. It only takes a little time away from games and social media to look up ways to start a healthy butterfly garden. And once the weather gets better wouldn't it be great to have a project to take you outside in the fresh air for a few minutes to an hour to do something good.
Another site to get you started:

If you have any ideas or suggestions about ways to help the Monarch Butterflies please leave a comment below.

Picture adapted from wiki commons

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Walking Dead: 5 Reasons I Hate Noah

The Walking Dead is one of my current favorites shows. I know that every week it is possible that a character that I have grown attached to might die. I root for this band of survivors. Then a bad egg enters the nest...Noah. The Walking Dead universe is difficult enough with out him screwing things up.
My top 5 reasons why I hate Noah

  1. Let's just start with the obvious one- Beth's death. This could have been avoided if Noah had just waited outside. His mere presence caused a standoff between Dawn and Beth that ended with both of them getting killed. I think Dawn deserved it but Beth was trying to defend a weakling...Noah.
  2. Remember how Noah met Daryl and Carol? By stealing their weapons and siccing walkers on them. He literally unleashed walkers that were trapped in tents on two people he didn't know anything about. His excuse? He told them they looked like they could handle the walkers. Um dude, you took their freaking weapons. Then they had to save him...from a bookshelf.
  3. Noah used Beth's death to manipulate Rick into taking him home. Telling Rick that Beth wanted to get him home. Noah basically used the grief of the group to get a ride home.
  4. I will be the first to admit that Tyreese let his guard down and that led to him getting attacked. I still blame Noah though. They were only in that house because Noah wanted to be there. It was Noah's walker brother that attacked Tyreese. And when watching the episode again I believe Tyreese thought that it was Noah coming into the room, not a walker
  5. Noah is too weak. Tyreese may have lived (one arm less) if Noah had any basic survival skills. Instead of getting to Rick and the others after Tyreese has been attacked Noah ended up trapped by walkers on a porch. How the hell did that happen? You had one job Noah. All he had to do was run out of the house into the street, where he could not be pinned by walkers, and find help.
It has been a long time since a single character in a show that I enjoy has made me so angry. Noah is only good at destruction. A weak character without any decent qualities. He is just a burden. He would have been better off at the hospital.
Rant Ended

Faux Foodie- Eton Mess

Since life is strange right now, I have nothing relevant to post right now... so instead a re-post/edit of one of my favorite desserts ...