Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I'm Trying- A New Year Update

I am trying to stick to the eating healthy goal I gave myself for this year but geez it's tough. The colder it gets the more I want comfort food like freshly baked cookies, warm bread etc.
My Mom and I started this resolution last Monday, December 29th. We looked up healthy recipes, made menus and read all the labels when we went shopping. The problem is we don't really like healthy food. We made a broccoli cheese soup that made us sad. We discovered that pesto is our sworn enemy. Yuck. And whole wheat lasagna rolls with spinach just isn't the same.
Spinach lasagna...not the best
 What to do now?
I have started going through the food that we know we like and making changes here and there to make them healthy. Basically cutting out as much of the processed parts as possible. This of course means that I am making a lot of our menus from scratch. Luckily I am an overly organized person. Mom just stops by on her way home and picks up her prepacked meals all ready for her to fix up in minutes when she is ready. Lucky mom. 
Honestly though, I like the whole organizing process. I feel like I am in control.
Bit of a power trip maybe

My only real problem is Food Porn.
What I mean by that is I somehow always manage to stumble across food blogs, pinterest recipes and yes even browse thru fast food websites.
"Oh Krispy Kreme, you are beautiful. There you are mister Burger, how I have missed you. Cheesecake, you sexy beast"
I miss you 
This is usually when I forage in the kitchen for anything junk food related and binge. But I have been working really hard to stop that dreadful cycle.

On a better note. I have been keeping up with exercising. I hate it but I feel great afterwards. That's something.
In the area of goals:
I have signed up for Goodreads and joined the Geek Girl Pen Pal Iggleworms group.
Geek Girls Pen Pal Club always has some challenges each month be it photo, craft, exercise and many more. This year I plan to get more involved with these.


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