Sunday, May 4, 2014

Geek Weekend FAIL

It's May the Fourth...Be With You!
Star Wars day and the day after Free Comic Book Day.
Basically what should be a Geektastic weekend.

I had planned on getting out yesterday to try and find a comic book store that participated in FCBD. I ended up at Barnes and Nobles first, hoping to score a few Game of Thrones mystery minis. I looked everywhere but none could be found.
I was feeling a little disappointed when I spied...
Doctor Who mystery minis!!!
Oh the happy feels!!
In the small Whovian area these two little boxes sat and I grabbed them up like Gollum.
After leaving B&N on a high note I set forth once again thinking of comics.

Then the freaking phone rang. I swear some people cannot allow others to have fun. Thus with a frown on my face and comic book-less I headed back home. 

I refused to let this affect my Star Wars day.
I spent the evening playing Star Wars wii and found a fun Star Wars related food idea online I wanted to try.
Today I went and got the ingredients to make Light-saber pretzels.
(Forgive the puzzle background. It took so long to finish that I dread taking it apart)

Fun and simple, right? Not when I attempt it.
A tip for anyone thinking of trying this: Melt the chocolate before adding the food coloring or else it because the consistency of play-doh.
My blue Jedi light-sabers were not to be. The red Sith ones came out okay after adding the color after the melting was complete. They did look a little pink though.
They kind of look like snacks at a baby shower.

So my Geektastic weekend ended up "meh". 
But at least I got these...

Happy Star Wars Day!!!

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