Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Finds

I've decided to make Literary Friday a once a month thing instead of every Friday. There are two reasons, 1. I want to read the book I write about and timing has not been great to do that and 2. I just want to change it up a bit.
Friday Finds
A couple of things that I want to share

Netflix find of the week:
(Not really sure where to find a legal to use picture for it)
It's about the club/rave scene of the 90's only this is in Cardiff .
I've seen a lot of films about the whole rave scene but either I was too young to know about it when it was happening or more than likely raves were not really going on where I live. Pity. It looks like fun. I would so wear all the shiny metallic clothes and dance with glow sticks without needing the drugs.
Yes there is drug use, most of which is not seen and really only alluded too, except the spliffs. 
The main character is played John Simm aka THE MASTER from Doctor Who.
Also if you watch closely you can find a young Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes of the Walking Dead) scattered throughout the movie. 
Yes its about drugs and clubs, but it's really a funny movie focused on a group of friends. 

Something I Found and I want:
FUNKO Catwoman
While I was wandering happily, but broke, at Barnes & Nobles I saw this. I am such a fan of the 1960's Batman Series so this just makes me Happy. I want it. It has to be Julie Newmar's Catwoman. My personal favorite.

Fun Find on Etsy

William Shakespeare Cookie Cutter

  This is so cute for a theatre nerd. BOETECH has quite a few amusing 3D printed cookie cutters including Sherlock and the Avengers. Apparently they can also make custom cutters. That could be a interesting gift : )

Youtube Find:

Exitmusic: Passage
I am sort of in love with this song right now. Her voice is so strange yet soothing. How did I not know about this band before?!?


If any content belongs to you and you want credit or you would like it taken down please contact me. I tried to link everything back. Thank you. 

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