Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Captain America: Civil War Review

If you have not seen Captain America: Civil War and do not want to see any spoilers stop now.

First let me tell you how long it has been since I have gone to a movie theater. The first Star Trek reboot it 2009. Seven years.
After getting both Age of Ultron and Star Wars the Force Awakens spoiled on social media I could not let this happen to CP:CW.

I am so glad that I actually went.
This film lived up to all the hype. Even my mom who is not a big Captain or Marvel fan (She does like the Thor movies) was on the edge of her seat covering her mouth. That is saying a lot.
I was pretty much in the same position.

There are tons of reviews and synopsis of this film out there so I am just going to review it my way.
I loved how much Bucky we got in this. Also the bickering between Falcon and Bucky was spot on. These are Steve's two best friends from different times so of course there will be fighting but it is done in such a fun way. Also the look on their faces when Steve and Sharon kiss. You can just see that these two guys really care about him.
Side note- Does it seem a little odd to anyone else that Peggy Carter's niece and Steve are maybe getting involved? I don't necessarily mind it, but it does seem strange.

I am Team Cap all the way, which makes it hard to like Tony some times in this movie. But I will say that RDJ is just one of the best actors of his generation because while I was so angry at Tony during the film I also could not really hate him. 

I am interested in the Wanda/Vision relationship. Not being a comic book reader I only know that they have a romantic relationship at some point. Once again Elizabeth Olsen really shines for me. 
Ant-man, Natasha and Clint were perfect. Loved Giant-Man. Really glad that Nat didn't completely abandon Steve. I feel like after Captain America: Winter Soldier they have a really strong friendship and I want them to stay that way.

At first I just didn't like Black Panther, mainly because he was going after my Bucky. But the actor was great and as the story progressed and he realized who really killed his father I really started to like him. He could have easily been too focused on killing Bucky to care about the truth but instead took the higher road and actually became an ally to Steve and Bucky.

By the way, in case you don't know, I love Bucky/ Sebastian Stan. He is perfection in my book and I am still disappointed Hottopic ran out of Winter Soldier shirts. 

In all I like how balanced the action and plot/character development scenes were. I never feel like anything really drag on. 

Now for the low point. Spiderman
I am not a spiderman fan in general.
I just did not see the point in his being there. I guess they are using this as a reboot...again. They could have cut the movie by a least 20 minutes without him.

Overall I absolutely loved this movie. 


  1. I don't find the Sharon/Steve thing odd only because I know it from the comics, but I found the timing of it odd in the movies, if that makes any sense! And I was super annoyed when I heard Spidey was going to be in CW but man, I loved him and it makes me excited for his next movie. Words I never thought I'd say!

    1. I think it was the timing thing for me too : ) But Sharon seems to be a chip off the Peggy block so YEA


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