Friday, May 13, 2016

Bad Blogger- An Update

I have been a bad blogger lately.
The real world has taken over and I just haven't found the time to even read other people blogs. Which is an absolute shame because I follow some amazing bloggers and I need to just set aside a time and go through my ever increasing queue.
Another reason that I haven't been active in the blogosphere is that I have not had much to write about. Sure, my everyday life is keeping me busy but there isn't anything interesting going on. It is all mundane realism.
I am planning in making it my goal in the upcoming weeks to remedy my bad blogger-ness. I am not sure at this very moment how I am going to accomplish this. When I blog I want to write about interesting and fin things both of which I am severely lacking right now.
Hopefully soon I will get in gear and write some interesting content here.

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