Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Drenched: A Garden/Weather Update

I had high hopes of making a nice little garden this year but the weather and my bad luck just won't let this happen.

I can't get my backyard cleared up enough to make a place to plant my hoard of plants so they are starting to die in their restrictive pots. Only the Basil and Mint plants seem okay. My backyard looks like a jungle. I'm in suburbia so how can nature reclaim it?! 
The biggest obstacle right now is Oklahoma Weather.
It is either raining or to wet to attempt any kind of yard work and with all the flooding I have a new fear of my backyard...snakes. I have seen on social media people near where I live having snakes come into their houses. Not cool. I'm hoping where I live is out of their range but with the wilderness sprouting up I'm not so sure.

This year Oklahoma weather has been exceptionally wild. There has not been a week where we are not under a Tornado or Flood watch. Until recently I have never heard a Flash Flood siren.
I just hate Tornado season so very much. How the day can start out perfectly fine and then you spend the whole evening into the night watching the news wondering if the tornado is going to hit or miss. I can name most towns in Northeast Oklahoma now. 

Please allow me this small rant: Emergency Broadcast System
Dear EBS, you suck. While I am watching the news, knowing full well that there is a Tornado somewhere in my viewing area, please stop changing the channel for me. You are not informative in your painfully slow robotic voice. Then I have to wait a few minutes after you "inform" me of the situation for me to be able to get back to the channel that is actually giving HELPFUL information. 
This is Tornado Alley in the Spring, we are aware that the weather is trying to kill us like a M. Night Shyamalan film.
End rant.

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