Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July Wrap Up

The heat in Oklahoma has been trying to destroy me.
I am using this as my excuse for not doing much this month. The idea of leaving my air-conditioned house fills me with dread. 
However, I did venture out into the world a few times even though I nearly melted.
I even auditioned for a play again. Didn't get a part but there were close to 80 people auditioning for 7 to 10 speaking parts and an unknown number needed for extras. I knew I blew this audition but I am trying to get back out into the theatre world. 

Comic Con
The San Diego Comic Con was this month. Of course being poor in the Midwest meant I had to indulge in this nerdy festival via Twitter and Youtube.
I did manage to snag an Unmasked Captain America Funko from Barnes and Noble plus a free poster. Unfortunately I got caught in a rain storm and didn't get to Hot Topic to get the Doctor Who w/ Handles pop I wanted. It has been so long since I have driven in the rain I kind of panicked.

Baby Birthdays
My pseudo-niece (aka my cousin's daughter) turned one this month. I filmed her birthday party this weekend. She is so stinkin' cute. I don't really like kids but I adore this lil scrappy doo. She demolished her mini cake. I am proud.
Of course we bought her a pink Supergirl tank top and a shirt and short set wit Batgirl, Wonder Woman and Supergirl. I saw a Captain America top for girls that I really wanted to get her but mom said we needed to slow up on nerding out the baby.


Since I have been avoiding the outside world Netflix has been my best friend. This month I started re-watching the first three seasons of Being Human UK. I haven't seen seasons 4 and 5 yet. I know that in these seasons the cast changes. Pity because Aidan Turner is gorgeous. Thankfully PBS is showing Poldark.
I have also picked back up on Chuck. I got distracted and stopped watching during the second season. Now I am getting back on track. 

And I have started Weeds too. Yup, I am in full Netflix binge mode. I think I will be until I can walk out to my mail box without dying of heatstroke.


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