Friday, July 31, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Fictional Pets I'd Like To Adopt

I am so grateful for 5 Fandom Friday right now. If The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick did not come up with these prompts my blogging would be scare. I am just not a Summer girl. If it is hot then I will avoid doing anything that requires leaving the house.
Now onto this week's 5 Fandom via Sara Richy.
Fictional Pets I'd Like To Adopt

1. Cheshire Cat
I can find a way to incorporate my Alice obsession into anything! Sure the Cheshire cat is mischievous but he would make an interesting companion. A bit too snide for some people.

2. Ludo
Have I mentioned I love Labyrinth?! I'm guessing I cannot adopt David Bowie as Jareth so I will go with the sweet and strong Ludo. Not only is he adorable but he can reach the upper shelves at a store for you.
(Actually can I please have Jareth?)

3. Calcifer
Howl's fire-demon friend has a great since of humor. Also he could make your house magical and well heated.

4. Fizzgig
Fizzgig from the Dark Crystal reminds me of my dog, Arthur. They are both tenacious, stubborn but very loving to those that belong to them. 

5. Falkor
The Luckdragon from the Never Ending Story. He can FLY! And staying with fictional animals that remind me of my babies. Tell me my Legolas doesn't resemble Falkor a bit

And I have that damn song stuck in my head...



  1. A thousand YESes to all, but especially the first three! (how did I forget about the Cheshire Cat in my list of cats?!? I need him!)
    And Ludo <3

    1. Lol How could you forget him. He will not be amused

  2. Love Ludo and ESPECIALLY love Calcifer!! Awesome choices:)

  3. I was just thinking of Calcifer he would be awesome also Falkor, I will forever love Falcor xoxo


  4. Awesome! Our lists are very similar! Fantastic picks!!


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