Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tales From Childhood: The Easter Bunny

There are things about my childhood that I look back on rather fondly. My mother had a knack for going above and beyond when it came to things such as the Easter Bunny, Santa...etc. As an only child, I relied heavily on my imagination, a skill I learn from her.

The Easter Bunny
Most kids have a version of the Easter Bunny. Either one that you visit at the mall for a photo op, one that leaves a basket of goodies or one that hides colored eggs.
My Easter Bunny left not only a basket of treats on my front porch, he left proof of his existence that would make a believer out of any child.
Rabbit Poo!

During this point we had a raised bunny hutch in the back yard. These rabbits did their business in there and it fell through the the hutch onto the ground below. Excellent for gardening purposes...and other things that an invented mind could devise.

My parents would put my Easter basket on the front porch and trailing away from the basket, down the stairs and sidewalk, would be a row of rabbit pellets (poo). Clever parents, clever.

I truly believed a magical rabbit left me a basket full of candy and toys ever year. I had proof. To someone under ten, this is rational.
The Easter Bunny is real!

I am grateful to my parents for these types of things they did. They worked hard to make my childhood full of wonder and magic. I do not know anyone else who would have thought of doing this just to make an imaginary creature real.

With parents like these, it is shocking that they never saw my wanting to be an actress coming. I am a product of an imaginative world. I am very lucky.

Happy early Easter for those who celebrate it. May the Easter Bunny leave you more than a basket too.
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