Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Birthday Wishlist 2016

My birthday is in less then a month.
I thought it would be fun to make a geeky birthday wishlist. Hint hint family and friends that read this ; )

(picture from Funko)

Everytime Funko asks what new Pops we want I always say David Bowie or Labyrith. And this month the whole Labyrinth set is coming out! I need them all.

T-Shirts from Jordanene
(Pictures from

I want the Agent Carter "I Know My Value" shirt and the Bucky version of (ie red and gray) "I'm With You Til The End Of The Line" shirt. I really like the style of Jordanene's shirts. Fandom people will get them but non-fandom people will just think they are interesting saying. Win all around.

All the Marvel
I am a big Marvel fan. Especially the Captain America/Avengers/Thor movies. I also love Agents of Shield and Agent Carter. You really can't go wrong with getting me anything in this area.
Captain America: Civil War will be out on DVD in September. Need this!
But there are also a ton of Marvel Funko Pops I am missing.
(Pictures from Funko)
Currently missing from my Marvel collection: Winter Soldier (Civil War), Agent Carter, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Vision, Loki, Couslon and Agent May.

Alice (or the entire inventory of Hot Topic)
(Picture from Hot Topic)
Having read my blog you probably know that I love all things Alice and Wonderland (not a big fan of the Tim Burton versions though). Hot Topic always has some great Alice swag. Currently wanting this bag.
Also Hot Topic is full of everything I love including Harley Quinn, Who merch, American Horror Story, much. 

Game of Thrones Mystery Minis
(Picture from Entertainment Earth)
I love Funko Mystery Minis. Especially the Game of Thrones ones. There are getting hard to find in the real world right now. Screw Pokemon, I must collect all the GoT minis.

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