Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thinking About The 90's

This month's theme on Geek Girls Pen Pal Club is the 90's. This has brought up some massive nostalgia for me. I was really too young in the 90's to enjoy what most people remember as classic 1990's. Then again, I live in Oklahoma and until a few years ago we were about a decade behind the rest of the US. 
I remember being into grunge after it had started to die out. I wore my pink and blue flannel like I was so street. Add on the smiley face felt stovepipe hat and the back pack purses. I was an absolute mess.
Ying Yangs, beanie babies, pogs, The Backstreet Boys...oh my.

In retrospect I feel like I missed out on so much that the 90's are remembered for. I never got to go to a rave. I didn't get to see any real concerts. I used to get the Delia's catalog but I never got to buy anything from it.
I did have a bunch of inflatable furniture, door beads, disco ball and glow in the dark stars in my room.
Most of what I love about the 90's comes from discovering after the fact. 
My favorite band is Placebo. I did not know anything about them until 2007.
I am glad that I can say that I did have a cassette tape of Garbage's Version 2.0 that I wore out for over listening.
At least that gives me a bit of 90's cred.
Does anyone remember getting a ton of cds for a dollar from a mail-in form? I think the majority of my cd collection comes from that.


It seems like the 90's are coming back more and more now. Teen Nick now has Splat that show some of my favorite shows from the late 80's and 90's including Ren & Stimply, Hey Dude, Salute Your Shorts and ROUNDHOUSE.

I think out of all of the Snick lineup Roundhouse gets over looked the most. I loved this show. I preferred it to the New Mickey Mouse Club.
It had skits, singing and awesome dance routines. Each episode had a theme, usually with some kind of moral. Even though it had the air of being a teaching experience, it never shaved it in your face.
Also if you are a fan of the movie The Newies, you will recognize a few of the newsies in the tv show. You can find a few of the episodes on youtube.
If you haven't seen it, you need

I am thinking about making more blog posts like this, the 90's and 00's etc. What do you think? Also what would I call them??

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