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Game of Thrones: In Memoriam Part 2

Now that the season 4 finale has aired, here is the continuation of our dearly departed from the world of Game of Thrones.
What is dead may never die.
Presenting part two of my list of those we lost this season.
Red: Important deaths
Blues: Less important deaths
Green: Just your average deaths in GOT, mainly nameless masses.

406: The Laws of Gods and Men
  • goats- A herd of goats destroyed by Daenerys' dragon Drogon.
  • Misc. Greyjoy and Bolton men- Unknown causalities in the attempted rescue mission for Theon Greyjoy by his sister Yara.
407: Mockingbird
  • Prisoners- Killed in practice by The Mountain in preparation for being Cersei's champion in the trial by combat. At least I think its for practice, but considering who it is, it could just be for fun.
  • A dying man- Mercy kill for The Hound.
  • Biter- The man who bites The Hound on the neck before having his neck broken. A little important because of wounding The Hound.
  • Rorge- The only reason he was not on Arya's nightly death list is because she didn't know his name. After the Hound asks for her, she kills him. Lesson- Arya never forgets.
  • Lyssa Arryn- It must take a lot of work to be considered crazy in Westeros. In the end it really wasn't her craziness or even her jealousy that sent Lyssa flying down the Moon Door. It was trusting Little Finger. Hell the man tells people to their face not to trust him. When will they learn...looking at you Sansa
408: The Mountain and the Viper
  • Mole Town Massacre- Inhabitants and some Night's Watch visitors slaughtered by Ygritte and her fellow wildlings.  
  • Greyjoy men- These ironborn were simply in Bolton's way. They held the fortress barring Bolton's men from the North, so criminally insane Ramsey Snow  uses Theon Greyjoy/Reek to get them to surrender. Pity for them that Ramsey likes to adhere to the old Bolton standard of Flaying.
  • The Viper aka Prince Oberyn Martell- Volunteered as Tyrion's champion in the Trial by Combat. His real motivation was to avenge his sister and her children by killing their murderer, The Mountain, who happened to be the Queen Cersei's champion. He had the upper hand by should not have let his guard down to get an admission of guilt. His death leads to a guilty sentence for Tyrion. Plus it was really gory even for GOT.
409: The Watchers on the Wall
  • A lot of Wildlings and a lot of The Night's Watch- Almost the entire episode was blood filled. 
  • Giants- Amongst the countless deaths included two Giants, one named Mag Mar Tun Doh Weg.
  • Styr- A fierce cannibalistic member of the Free Folk. Killed by Jon Snow. 
  • Pyp- Poor Pyp. He was so nervous about using that crossbow and so proud when he finally made a kill. Pity that did not last long before he was struck down by Ygritte to die in Sam's arms. At least he has someone to try and comfort him.
  • Grenn- A true Brother of the Night's Watch. He was told  by Jon Snow to defend the inner gate no matter what and that is what he did. He also rallied the courage of his fellow Brothers when fear threatened to derail them. He along with a handful of his comrades were killed by the giant Mag Mar Tun Doh Weg while successfully defending the gate.
  • Ygritte- Jon Snow's Wildling lover. Even though she felt betrayed by Jon Snow and vowed to kill him herself, she hesitated when the opportunity came. She was killed by the boy, Olly, who had seen her kill his family. She dies in Jon Snow's arms. 
410: The Children

  • Mance Rayder's Army- A large number of Rayder's army of Wildlings were killed by Stannis Baratheon's army. 
  • Three year old girl- I did not catch the girl's name. She was killed by Daenerys Targaryen's dragon Drogon. This causes Daenerys to lock the other two dragons up for safety. 
  • Jojen Reed- Mortally wounded by skeletal wights while helping Bran Stark find the three-eyed raven north of the wall. He is killed by his sister, Meera Reed, out of mercy while the others escape.  
  • The Hound aka Sandor Clegane- Mortally wounded by Brienne of Tarth in a fight over who would take Ayra Stark. Brienne did not want to kill him but, like a dog with a bone, The Hound just had to keep fighting. He was found mortally wounded by Arya, who he preceded to goad into killing him. When that did not work, he begged for her to kill him out of mercy. Arya walked away. *The Hound did not die on screen, so he may still survive.
  • Shae- The whore that won Tyrion Lannister's heart. Strangled by Tyrion after discovering her in his father's, Tywin Lannister, bed. At least he said "I'm sorry" after. Now we know why she lied at the trial.
  • Tywin Lannister- And the Worst Father of the Year goes to... Killed by Tyrion on the privy (loo, toilet, etc). Lannisters do like their crossbows. Let's face it, Tywin got what he deserved for framing his son for murder and making his former mistress lie against him. Also all the other crap he put his kids through. I doubt the Lannister children would be as messed up if dear old dad wasn't such a manipulative and greedy man.  

And now their watch has ended.

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  1. Aahh.. I'm still not caught up to this point in GoT, but I can't escape hearing about who all has died recently, lol. Some of these surprise me, but such is the world of George RM!! ;)


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