Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Back...for a little while

My first semester at OU is over! All A's so I'm pretty happy.
Next semester will be rough. I am taking 3 classes per eight weeks, a total of 6 classes for the Spring semester. I anticipate an anxiety attack or two.

Even though school has taken over my life since October I have had a few non-academic things happen.
I went with my best friend to see the Elf! The Musical.
I did not have high hopes for this musical, since I am not a huge fan of the film, but I actually enjoyed this show.

My friend had never seen the movie so she went in with an open mid.
Honestly, it was a fun musical. Family friendly with a few winks and nudges for the adults in the audience. Pretty good.

The holidays are around the corner so I have been helping my mother make presents for her friends. Turning old shirts into pillows. My mom is not really able to sew, thus I ended up making all of these pillows. I tried to show her how to use the sewing machine (which she managed to almost break) and to hand sew the pillows closed (again bad idea). 
Candy Boxes
Soon we will be on a candy making quest. So much fudge! It will be painful. 

I have a few blog posts planned for this month. I don't want to completely abandon this blog. For at least the rest of the month of December I will be back on my blogging schedule of Wednesdays and Fridays. *Hopefully

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